The Quick Gin GBBO Drinking Game

With the Great British Bake Off airing tonight on Channel 4, we’ve devised a Quick Gin GBBO drinking game! Get your slices of orange & Fever Tree tonic at the ready...


Take a sip when:

Anyone uses the word 'orange' or 'oranges' 

A contestant says: "It worked when I tried it at home"

A contestant says they’re going to ‘wing it’.

Anyone says ‘soggy bottom’, ‘under-baked’ or ‘over-baked’

Someone doesn't finish the challenge

A desperate contestant kneels by the oven to watch their bake rise

A contestant suffers a cut, burn or other baking-related injury

A contestant tries to cover a burned bake, hole or crack with icing

When Noel or Sandi make a terrible pun


Whenever Noel flirts with Paul

Finish your drink when:

Gin is mentioned or shown

A contestant uses gin in their cake

Anyone drops anything


If anyone says they need a drink, of any kind, immediately tweet them, offering a Quick Gin & Tonic!


Don’t forget to take photos of your GBBO evening and send them to us on social media using the hashtag #QuickGin to be in with a chance of winning a free bottle!

George Nightingale