Cocktails 101

The perfect cocktail doesn't need to be so hard! Follow our simple tips and tricks to ensure you get it right, every time. 



Use a quality spirit, such as Quick Gin!

Always use the best alcohol - the better the quality of alcohol, the better the flavour notes in your drink. We recommend Quick Gin!

Squeeze first

When squeezing any citrus fruit, it’s important to squeeze them just before using them. Acidic fruits oxidise quickly and can turn bitter. Keep your citrus fruits out of the fridge as chilled fruits are less juicy. In fact, popping an orange in the microwave for 10 seconds can give you 50% more juice.


Make it beautiful


We eat with our eyes (well, in this case, we drink with our eyes) so garnishing is crucial. This is where you can really make or break a drink. Gone are the days of cherries soaked in syrup, rather garnish your drink with ingredients that have been used to make it. A mint sprig on a piña colada or a slice of pineapple on a cosmopolitan just doesn’t feel right.

Citrus twists!

To make these swanky citrus twists all you need is a super sharp paring knife and some nimble fingers. Start peeling the rind in a circular motion around your fruit until you have a long strip. Rub the rind on the rim of your glass to add some zesty flavour. Now twist the citrus rind around your finger, or a skewer for tighter spirals, remove carefully, et voilà.


Light touch works best

Be careful not to be too heavy handed when making your drinks especially when it comes to sweet ingredients. Sugar is like salt in cooking, it helps to bring out flavours but too much and it’s ruined. Start with less and you can always add more.


Have fun!

Remember to have fun. Making cocktails at home should be enjoyable and you don’t want to be slaving away making drinks in the kitchen all night. Start with easy cocktail recipes that can be served in large jugs for all to share.


George Nightingale