Quick Ways to Prevent a Gin Hangover

We know you love Quick Gin, but we don't want you dragging yourself out of bed on Sunday morning with the hangover from hell! Not surprisingly, all sorts of “hangover cures” exist, some of which are claimed to be highly effective. Here are 5 evidence-based ways to prevent hangovers, or at least make them significantly less severe:


1. Drink in Moderation

The severity of hangovers is directly related to the amount of alcohol consumed. Drinking in moderation, or not at all, is the single best way to prevent a hangover.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water can help reduce some of the main symptoms of hangovers, including thirst and headache.

3. Get Enough Sleep

Alcohol can impair the quality of your sleep. Make sure you have plenty of time to sleep in after a night of celebration.


4. Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Eating a good breakfast is a renowned hangover remedy. It can help restore blood sugar levels, which mitigates some of the symptoms.

5. Supplements That Can Help

Many hangover symptoms are thought to be caused by low-grade inflammation, so anti-inflammatory drugs and remedies can help you. Supplements that have been shown to be effective include red ginseng, ginger and prickly pear. 



George Nightingale