The Finest Ingredients

Our Botanicals

Quick Gin should be classified as an international style of gin. It is distilled in the United Kingdom and is listed in a number of other countries already. We use an expanded palate of botanicals - juniper berries, coriander seeds, orange peel, angelica root, cassia bark, orris root powder, lemon peel, liquorice root powder, nutmeg and cinnamon. We then infuse great tasting orange and a hint of almond to round off the gin that creates our distinguished, easy drinking flavour.


What makes us different

Forget your fancy garnishes that are difficult to source and perish easily - orange is the new lemon and lime!

We infuse our finished liquid with oranges and a hint of almond to round off the gin that creates big and bold flavour that is both distinguished and flavoursome - but is still easy drinking. Adding a simple orange garnish helps to bring out the very best. Paired with a quality tonic water creates a stand-out G&T that is refreshing and full-bodied that is exciting gin drinks across the country and converting non gin drinkers too!

Insist on the orange - you will not regret it!


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